The Saga Continues

The Saga Continues

Last weekend 320 teams fought across 16 groups in 96 games over two days. It was brutal. Out of that fire we saw some incredible plays – TeaboneTV winning a 1v2 to take a chicken dinner, Ibiza taking name after name or JERPSi with a counter-flank that will surely go down in history as a textbook execution to name just three.

For some – the competition was just too tough. Ninjas In Pyjamas were just one example of a great team who missed out on advancing to the next round of the tournament, and there by just ten points!

For the teams who made it through though – including FaZe, Alliance and Liquid – this week’s rest is almost over. Eight new groups of twenty teams will play across Saturday and Sunday in just four games. There’s less opportunity now to slip up, each drop, flank and shot count for much, much more. By Sunday, we’ll know who will be making the journey to Leicester on June 29th for the showdown between Europe’s greatest.

Here are the ones to watch:
In Group 1, team Kinguin – who finished game after game last weekend with massive point counts (the highest point count across all groups for the weekend in the end) – are a clear favourite to win. Standing in their way will be Team Liquid, major fan favourites, experienced and not likely to buckle under the pressure of being in the last eighty teams.

Elsewhere, in Group 2,  the behemoths of FaZe clan (Round 1 – 77 kills, Round 2 – 110 kills) will be preparing to face what must be their toughest competition yet in theAllianceGG, Method and Rogue. It remains to be seen if their strategy of going on the aggressive can stand up to the more tried and tested teams at this end of the competition.

Out of the competition across our four groups on Saturday and Sunday we will find our twenty teams of finalists. They will then have a month to prepare for the highest level of european competition yet seen in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds at the Haymarket Theatre in Leicester on the 29th June.

If you want to be part of that event – then tickets are on sale already. For just 20GBP for the whole weekend, you can be in the live audience with hundreds of other PUBG fans, experiencing the best PUBG play Europe has to offer and much, much more. Head to for more information.